Corporate Wellbeing, Talks & Workshops


What is Corporate Wellbeing & Why is it important?

Let the days of stuffy, dull & tedious classroom environments be a thing of the past!!! Corporate wellbeing can be engaging, memorable & meaningful team-building events, which will remain at the forefront of your employees minds and continue to be talked about, long after the event has finished.


As well as being beneficial to your workforce, the sessions are fun, captivating, socially engaging and something that will be eagerly anticipated by everyone. The wellbeing of your employees has never been more important, and it shows. By maintaining the health and wellbeing of your workforce, the organisation too can reap the rewards. With improvements in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing enabling your workforce to maintain good levels of health, which will translate into reduced absence and sick leave, reduced levels of stress and help to prevent burn-out, in turn creating a more engaged workforce, ultimately improving the focus and productivity of the team.


Although within the corporate world, it may seem a bit perplexing and like two complete polar opposites, the alchemy of sound therapy, meditation and mindfulness sessions are an ideal way to deliver exactly this. The feedback I have received has always been very positive, with the experience that attendees have had far outweighing their expectations.

I feel that this very much stems from the delivery of the sessions available, with activities based upon extensive research into the neurological and psychological benefits, that can not only be beneficial within the workplace, but in general day to day life, helping to improve personal wellbeing, as well as the exponential improvements that can be seen within a workplace setting.

In my experience burnout, stress, anxiety and depression are just a few of the major factors that lead to a much reduced and less productive workforce, in turn adding pressures to those who are holding the fort, let alone the profound impact that this can have upon the organisation as a whole, which is exactly why the sessions available can be such a pivotal force for good and a perfect addition to any corporate wellness programme.


The Sound Therapy Alchemist can deliver one off sessions, or a regular programme of events which are very practical, yet down to earth, relaxed sessions, with a broad range of activities that are fun, interactive and a great learning experience, whereby we not only demonstrate the power of the techniques we use in each of our sessions, but the theory behind the whole process too, to keep your team events enjoyable and memorable.


We will consult with your H.R team to develop an extensive range of activities, to ensure that we maintain the ethos and core themes of your company and it's wellbeing programme. Programmes are available on-site or if you prefer, can be arranged to be held at a venue off-site, in a more neutral and relaxed setting.


Types of programmes available

All sessions can be individually tailored to your specific requirements.  Listed below is a selection of the types of sessions that are available with us....

Type of session: taster events, one off sessions or regular rolling programmes (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).

Length of sessions: From a 2 hour session to half day, full day or a full weekend programme.

Types of activities: Immersive Gong bath sessions, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound therapy talks & demonstrations, didgeridoo workshops for team-building.

Themes: Burn-out and stress management, relaxation, self-care and mindfulness at work, mental and emotional wellbeing, self confidence and empowerment.

As well as these aspects, I have excellent contacts and relationships with other wellbeing experts outside of my expertise, who can add to and assist with a broad range of activities to boost any wellbeing programme. All of the above are an example of the selection of programmes available with me, to give you an idea. We will tailor any packages to suit the requirements of your company, for more information get in touch with Christian, for a chat on 07849861713 or via the contact us page.