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What an amazing experience the sound bath was.
Very calming & relaxing. I would highly recommend Christian as he is fantastic at what he does. I had to buy the Cd to bring home.


Thank you Christian for your ability to transport us into such a content and happy place with your beautiful sounds. The session today was simply amazing. Your talent is unbelievable!!



Thank you for a wonderful experience today Christian! I’ve been meaning to try sound therapy for a while and today was the perfect opportunity to try it. The session was relaxing and so grounding, I immediately felt relaxed and at peace. Thank you so much, your work is amazing.


I'd a serendipitous sound journey with Christian this year and it was a truly magical and momentous occasion. The journey I travelled was not the one I expected but was the one I needed, I wept tears of joy and sadness and emerged cleansed. Many thanks you wonderful man!



This was amazing Christian. Proper blew me away. Simply stunning, will defo see u again. Thank you for the whole experience.


Sound healing was a totally new concept to consider. I had heard of sound healing by gong, but not by didgeridoo. I was intrigued.

I became more intrigued, as I watched Christian lay out many varied instruments and tools. Laid comfortable and relaxed, the journey of sound, vibration and therapy began. With closed eyes I tried to visualise the instrument creating sound, which in turn challenged me to tune in to every note. I felt the stillness in the room, but I heard every instruments tone and felt every vibration. I got goose bumps, and felt as though I was floating. I felt a calm that I had never felt before. I felt at peace. The sounds were soothing and soulful, varied to create differing sound moods, to stimulate different senses. I laid there thinking I never wanted to get back up, it was the loveliest experience.

After the sound healing, I asked Christian which instruments had made certain sounds. It was fascinating. He demonstrated the sounds and explained how to create them. Christian engaged with his audience and it was very apparent that he wanted to share his passion for instruments and sound healing. This is a therapeutic technique that I will definitely participate in again. I have been telling everyone how spiritual and magical it was.     



I have a new favourite journeying instrument! The didgeridoo! Thanks Christian, for broadening my sound horizons. For those who haven't experienced a sound bath facilitated by Christian yet, try it, what have you got to lose? Except your stresses.


Both of the sound journey's I've done have been an amazing experience. Many levels of meaning open up, and the music, harmonics and percussion speak on such a profound level. If you have a question, you can ask it as the journey starts, or you can just relax and let the sound bath take you on a wonderful, healing journey.



Thank you again for the sound bath it was extremely powerful for me, I felt like my physical body was actually moving in a rhythm, must of been the vibration from the beautiful sounds, I meditate and I am trained in Reiki but I’ve never felt relaxation like that, I usually see images etc... but nothing, I was out like a light.


Hi Christian I would like to say how amazing that sound audio is. I had lately trouble with my lower back pain but the sounds make me release my pain and I was able to be in tune again. I love so much hanging drums and flute and tuning forks it's my favourite.