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Corporate Wellbeing
Talks & Workshops

Invest in your employees 'Wellbeing' & create a happier and more productive workforce.

From powerful & immersive Sound Therapy to deep & transformational Meditation and Mindfulness sessions.

Whether it is a few hours, a full day or a weekend, wellness programmes can be tailored to suit your requirements.


School Wellbeing
Talks & Workshops

The health and wellbeing of children is paramount, after all they are our future.

From immersive experiences of sound relaxation to meditation & mindfulness sessions, bringing calm to their day,  they will have a stronger and healthier foundation to build upon.

Whether it is a few hours to half /full day, weekly or monthly wellness groups or after school sessions, we can work with you to tailor any session to your meet your requirements.


Sound Therapy and Reiki in Healthcare

Working alongside your organisation, healthcare staff, occupational support, care workers and specialist support teams, we can bring a Sound Therapy session and Reiki healing to your patients and clients.

Sound Therapy and Reiki has many proven benefits, that can assist in the wellbeing of patients and clients. These can include calming the mind, relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, a reduction in blood pressure & heart rate to significant improvements in cognitive function and motor skills, leading to improved dexterity, co-ordination and mental clarity.


Meditation and Mindfulness

You often hear the words 'Silence is Golden', well when it comes to Meditation & Mindfulness, it is certainly the order of the day. Meditation & Mindfulness techniques are a great tool for bringing stillness and quieting the mind, body and spirit, enabling time to reflect.

Whether this be as part of a Sound Therapy session or as a Stand Alone session as part of a Corporate or School wellness day, support group or other event, sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.


Retreats, Private Bookings & Events

Gong soundbath sessions are a powerful addition to enhance any group experiences, creating a profound & lasting effect. 

Whether it be as part of your retreat or for a private group event that you are planning, for a wedding party, hen do, or a special treat with friends or family, then a 'Gong' soundbath is a great way to make it a memorable experience.


Upcoming Gong Soundbaths

Sound Therapy is a profound and deeply transformational experience, which as well as the benefits of deep relaxation, can assist you on a journey that can bring a deeper knowledge of self, helping to bring clarification as well as significant benefits to your overall wellbeing, whether it be on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level, the energy and vibration of a group soundbath is truly something to behold.

I host regular group soundbath sessions across Yorkshire and beyond.


One to one Sound Therapy Treatments

One to One Sound Therapy treatments enable us to work with you, to assist you with personal growth & transformation, whether that be on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level.


Sessions are tailored to your needs, at the time and as well as a sense of deep relaxation, sessions are empowering, bringing a richer and deeper understanding of self, releasing blockages and assisting you on a journey of transformation towards a more positive state of health and wellbeing. 


One to one Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle form of energy healing. The flow of energy assists you by aiding in deep relaxation and bringing balance to the mind, body and emotions by restoring the flow of energy in and around the body, through alignment of the chakras and removing blockages within the system, reducing stress, anxiety and other related health issues, and promoting an overall improvement in your state of health and wellbeing.

Appointments available in person, at select venues, at home or by means of distance healing sessions

Didgeridoo Workshops

The didgeridoo is an ancient tribal instrument with a significant and powerful history and culture. It is an instrument that can be a fun learning experience, as well as bringing people together in a great socially engaging way.

Whether it be for a fun learning activity or talk for schools or community groups, or a great means of engagement and team building within a corporate setting, sessions can be tailored to your needs, whether they be for a few hours, or a full day event.
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What is Reiki?
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