School Wellbeing, Talks & Workshops

Wellbeing for teachers and pupils alike, with Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness....With happy, more relaxed teacher's and pupils, you can really ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS...

Great leadership, creates a great working environment. When you have a good level of wellbeing within the workplace, especially within a school setting, where cultivating a mentally healthy school has never been more important, as it has been shown to significantly improve retainment and motivation of the staff. A reduction in the amount of pressure and stress, leads to a significant boost in the mental and physical wellbeing of the staff, which in turn creates better teachers, leading to better results for the students. This is where regular wellness days come in, by enabling access to staff wellness days, you can significantly boost the overall performance of the school. 


Equally enabling the students to access different forms of wellbeing within a school setting, has also been shown to improve the overall performance of the students, thus leading to significantly better results. Student wellbeing during the formative years, can play a significant role in how well a child progresses during their time at school, leading to much better results and opportunities in life, whether this be in early childhood, primary school, college, university, or other children's groups and organisations, by opening up the opportunity to discover how best to help themselves, through promoting and assisting with their wellness, you can set them off on the road to great success.


By introducing sound therapy, meditation or mindfulness wellbeing as part of any wellness days or events in your school, be it for the teachers or the pupils, you can lead the way in helping them to reach their highest potential & higher levels of achievement, along with a better means of engagement between teacher and pupil or with fellow pupils, you can really make a difference.


The benefits of sound therapy, meditation and mindfulness can have profoundly significant benefits for all. After all, if you are calmer, less stressed and more balanced, then this leads to a healthier, happier environment for teachers and pupils alike and when you are in a better alignment with self, then mountains can be moved.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Sound Therapy as part of a regular activity or wellbeing programme, has been shown to be a very supportive way of improving the overall success rate of pupils within a learning environment.

Wellbeing as part of any school or after school programme/activity, will assist in a higher level of achievement, for staff, this will lead to greatly reduced stress and anxiety, releasing pressure, enabling you to be more relaxed in any given classroom situation, as well as boosting the moral and reducing sick leave. For the pupils, it can lead to an improvement in their confidence levels, concentration, engagement with their studies and with others, through to a calmer and more relaxed attitude, less disruptive behaviour and reduced stress and anxiety. With this they will have the tools that they need to be able to make far more progress, from their improved ability to learn, to the results they get in their exams, through to social interaction and their overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

Pupils that are known to have more significant learning difficulties, such as ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Sensory Integration Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorders, as well as children with other disabilities, such as those with, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down's Syndrome, have also been seen to benefit from regular wellbeing activities, such as sound therapy, meditation and mindfulness practices . 


By stimulating the brain - especially the frontal lobe (the area that governs motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social behaviour), as well as the autonomic nervous system, you can see benefits leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety, improved confidence, an improved attention span and an ability to concentrate and process information better. Through connection with, and improved transmission of the neural pathways that link to the part of the brain associated with learning, significant improvements in their overall learning capabilities, mental and emotional wellbeing, has been shown to assist pupils, not just through their academic years, but onwards throughout their adult lives. 


While working closely with you, to develop an extensive range of activities centred around the students or staff participation of any wellbeing programme. Whether it be for a one off session, or part of a regular programme of events. the sessions that I deliver, are fun, interactive and a great learning experience for everyone. With the knowledge that I have, every session will be an enjoyable one, practical, beneficial and down to earth, with wellbeing at it's heart.


Types of programmes available

All sessions can be individually tailored to your specific requirements.  Listed below is a selection of the types of sessions that are available with us....


Type of session: taster events, one off sessions or regular rolling programmes (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).

Length of sessions: From a 1hr session for pupils to a 2 hour immersive session for staff wellbeing, to half day, full day or a full weekend programme.

Types of activities: Immersive Gong bath sessions, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound therapy talks & demonstrations, didgeridoo workshops for team-building.

Themes: Burn-out and stress management, relaxation, self-care and mindfulness at work, mental and emotional wellbeing, self confidence and empowerment.

As well as these aspects, I have excellent contacts and relationships with other wellbeing experts outside of my expertise, who can add to and assist with a broad range of activities to boost any wellbeing programme. All of the above are an example of the selection of programmes available with me, to give you an idea. We will tailor any packages to suit the requirements of your company, for more information get in touch with Christian, for a chat on 07849861713 or via the contact us page.